Monday, January 5, 2009

Final Touch

I had problems with moving the design to the dreamweaver because i have to take off some of my design. 
i am now starting with dreamweaver such as changing background and put links between every page.
Also,  Miss Juneen showed us how to make new window for images or even video in a easy way.
To be honest, i prefer to make the whole things in photoshop even the text then moving to the dreamweaver but as Miss Juneen said it will be hard to change a single word after.

But all and all i know how to build a website the way i want.
and i hope to work in a place that makes me build websites for big companies. 

Thanks Miss Juneen =)

Wednesday, December 31, 2008


As i said before we build our site in Dreamweaver program, in past i was trying to build my own website when i was 14. i went to the internet and i searched how to build a website but i didn't use Dreamweaver before, i used a program called FrontPage i think.

Dreamweaver is much easier than other program and it's more professional, i was asking my self why Dreamweaver is easier than other. the answer was because i used to use Adobe Programs such as photoshop, Illustrator etc. 

after i cut my website in photoshop i went to the dreamweaver, anyone will use if first time will say its complicated program but its just about the time and how often you are using it.

i got used with dreamweaver specially the first part when you open a new folder and call it anything you want then you make new folder inside this folder and call it images.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Moving to PhotoShop

Hi again,

This post i will explain how we move from the design to the photoshop and we will do on Photoshop.

basically, after we finish the design we make the whole layes into one layer to make is easy for cutting the main things we want.

last year Ms.Juneen teach us how to cut but this year the cutting was much easier and simple, also if your website is done with the text in Photoshop you can crop the whole image and put it in to the dreamweaver. but for my design i couldn't so i will type the text with Dreamweaver.

the thing is after you crop the image u save it as web, to decrease the size of the image which make the website open faster.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

My Design

After i checked my websites i came with my our design which is black and it has some colors on it such as yellow because i think yellow is a funky color and the eyes go directly to this color.

also i was planing to do a welcome page and put my logo on it, but some people think it's not necessary to make a welcome page.

this is my design and the welcome page.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Post 2 - COMA 209 (2)

Hello Again,

Ok let me continue from the last post, i talked about the brands which are out logo also i showed examples of a good websites and bad websites and i explain why is it good and why is it bad.

Today i will talk about the design of the website. 

there are many websites you can't read the text because the background is so busy or the color of the text doesn't goes with the color of the background for example this website it took number seven in The 10 Worst Web Sites of 2007.

I think a good website is a good design. 

I saw many websites which i want to be my website to be like them, good design + Useful contacts. 

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Post 1 - COMA 209

In the Past year we have had to build a personal website which belong to us and put our works such as videos, photos and CV in the website.But before we go on, our teacher decided to show us example of these website. what we noticed is that most of the personal website have logo for the owner of the website.
what we did first we did a research that show example of a good websites and bad websites and we had to know why is this website among the good websites, also we had to build our own brand(logo) to but it inside the website.

In this post i will show the examples of the portfolio websites and i put my Logo the one i created to but it in my website.

This is my Logo after 3 days for trying to build a 
logo that belong to me.
Also i did sketches.

Bad Websites:-
  1. Picture background and Excessive information).

Good Websites:-
  1. (Clarity of information and content and Pictures are all in same sizes).
  2. Organization of content and Division of information).

    To Be Continue